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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Things offered and wanted in Islington East on #3:

Offer: Medical Journals (BMJ) from 2010-2011
Offer: 9 magazines: Carp, Total Carp, Carp Talk etc.
Offer: Photography developing chemicals
Offer: Embroidery scraps
Offer: Large black suitcase
Offer: Straight edge non-carving skis
Offer: Box of i-D magazines
Offer: Plastic plumbing pipe
Offer: Wine rack
Offer: Double matress (spoiled)

Wanted: Boardgames, in particular 'Risk'
Wanted: Smallish piano
Wanted: Massage table
Wanted: Digital thermometer with probe
Wanted: Odd furniture for eccentric museum (children's charity)
Wanted: Toilet plunger
Wanted: Bread maker
Wanted: Pond filter and pump
Wanted: Party lights
Wanted: Bongos or any type of world drums

Things offered and wanted in Blackpool on #2:

Offer: Firewood, from demolished building
Offer: Very big kareoke (sic) Elvis Presley
Offer: A garden swing
Offer: Printers 13 of them
Offer: Hare Krishna/Gouranga stuff
Offer: Large rubber plant
Offer: Motherboard
Offer: Christmas Tree
Offer: Carton of Aptamil baby milk
Offer: Wine bottles

Wanted: Breeze blocks or bricks
Wanted: Homebrew barrel with tap
Wanted: Dukan diet book
Wanted: Metal dustbin/incinerator bin
Wanted: Playpen
Wanted: Pug
Wanted: Garden shed and a wheelbarrow
Wanted: Horse riding items
Wanted: Plastic models, any scale
Wanted: Walkie Talkies

Things offered and wanted in Salford on #1:

Offer: Lawn ten pin bowling set
Offer: Star Trek videos
Offer: Left over broken paving stones
Offer: Cheese plant in pot
Offer: Guinea pigs
Offer: Twistix stick lolly pop moulds
Offer: Pink chenille bath mat
Offer: Three white wardrobe doors
Offer: 1 jar of hardboiled sweets
Offer: Hot water bottles

Wanted: Wool any ply any colour
Wanted: Telescope
Wanted: Rainbows uniform
Wanted: An old out of tune accordion
Wanted: Posters for a girls bedroom age 15
Wanted: Baby safety gate
Wanted: Acrylic or perspex sheets
Wanted: SOS Talisman
Wanted: Some clean lino for a bathroom and small toilet
Wanted: Stair carpet

Saturday, 28 January 2012

TV recommendation #5:

Kings of Pastry
Of Time and the City
Head Over Heels in Rats
Storyville: The Photographer
The Real Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines: A Wonderland Film

TV recommendation #4:

A Question of Taste
Survivors: Despicable Dick
The Many Faces of Les Dawson
The Interrupters - How to Stop a Riot
Storyville: Murder on a Sunday Morning

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

TV recommendation #3:

White Tribe
Bodysnatchers of New York
Crooked Tarts and Coronets
419: The Internet Romance Scam
Sticks & Stones (about attitudes towards disability, not racism documentary of same name)

TV recommendation #2:

The Air Hospital
The Nurture Room
The Merits of Ferrets
The Great Piano Scam
The Revenge of the Bin Men