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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Things offered and wanted in Salford on #1:

Offer: Lawn ten pin bowling set
Offer: Star Trek videos
Offer: Left over broken paving stones
Offer: Cheese plant in pot
Offer: Guinea pigs
Offer: Twistix stick lolly pop moulds
Offer: Pink chenille bath mat
Offer: Three white wardrobe doors
Offer: 1 jar of hardboiled sweets
Offer: Hot water bottles

Wanted: Wool any ply any colour
Wanted: Telescope
Wanted: Rainbows uniform
Wanted: An old out of tune accordion
Wanted: Posters for a girls bedroom age 15
Wanted: Baby safety gate
Wanted: Acrylic or perspex sheets
Wanted: SOS Talisman
Wanted: Some clean lino for a bathroom and small toilet
Wanted: Stair carpet

1 comment:

  1. the one that made me most depressed "posters for a girls bedroom age 15", newly divorced dad trying to make a nice bedroom for his teenage daughter to visit him at.